A Game to Train Food Safety

A Game to Train Food Safety is a ‘serious game’ that enables players completing each stage of the game to obtain a Level 2 Award in Food Safety. It is an app that can be played both on-line or off-line on any computer and Apple or Android tablet or phone.

What’s it about?
It covers the importance of food hygiene, the law, contamination, food poisoning, personal hygiene, hygienic practices, cleaning, pest control and food allergens.

Who’s it for?
Food handlers working in the catering industry e.g. restaurant managers, chefs, cooks, kitchen porters, bar and waiting staff.


Chefs Discussing over Food

What will I get out of it?                                         A CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) Assured Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate. Along with on-the-job coaching in your company’s food safety procedures, this meets the legal requirement for those working unsupervised in a catering environment.


Is it better than other e-learning courses?
Serious games are proven to better engage and motivate people to learn as they provide an immersive virtual environment. They are significantly more effective than traditional courses or e-learning with gamification elements added. The application also offers employees of the same site to compete against each other, they will either compete or cooperate.  This is a good way to stimulate learning and strengthen the links between colleagues.

How is it assessed?​
The ‘final challenge’ is a 30 question multiple choice test. Learners must get 20 answers correct and will receive a pass, merit or distinction. The final test is available in English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Romanian.

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