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Posted by Sue Richardson  15/08/2018

Death and Taxes

On November 13 1789 Benjamin Franklin wrote to French scientist  Jean-Baptiste Leroy  “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” 


Nothing could be more true, 2017’s research shows the cost of a basic funeral rising for the 15th year in a row with the national average reaching an all-time high of £4,271.

When you compare this cost to the average in 2004 when the average cost of a funeral in the UK was £1,920 then the £4,271 price tag represents a staggering increase of 122%. But that single figure doesn’t tell the 

full story – there are significant regionals differences in the prices paid for funerals across the UK

Unsurprisingly, London is the most expensive place in the UK to organise a funeral – the average funeral cost in the capital is £5,880. More than 35% above the national average, London prices are a full 25% higher than South West England, the next most expensive location, where costs are almost 10% above the national average at £4,685.

Prices in the South East and East (£4,469) and the Yorkshire and the Humber (£4,459) also sit above the national average.

The cheapest region for organising a funeral is Northern Ireland, with average costs reported at £3,231, a full £1,000 below the national average. Funeral costs in Wales - £3,538 - are also well below the national average.


However, a lack of staff in the funeral care business is causing delays between death and the funeral. This cause stress and pressure on those left behind.

The majority (around three quarters of people asked) will say that the care of the deceased is very important.

Care of bodies is particularly important when there are growing delays before funerals take place. The average time between death and a funeral has increased from 10 days to more than three weeks in less than 20 years.

Simon Cox of Dignity said a report into the lack of monitoring in funeral homes had uncovered the gap between perception and reality regarding standards across the UK’s funeral industry. While the majority assume there are demanding standards or tight controls in place, the worrying reality is very different,” he said.

Abi Pattenden, the president of the National Association of Funeral Directors, said the report made “a useful contribution to the wider debate about how we make certain that all funeral directors can be properly assessed for their operational standards”.

Hygiene Sue now offers apprenticeships in  Funeral care. Hygiene Sue offers Level 2 Funeral Team member and Level 3 Funeral Director involving Sector specific management training, planning and delivering, customer service, problem solving, team building and development. Relationship building and liaising with Local community learning.  All this to try and bridge a gap in lack of staff but also to ensure a higher standard in a non-regulated industry.


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