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Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor

The Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship is for individuals who want to take on more responsibility in their careers. Apprentices will learn how to manage teams, projects, and resources effectively.


They will also develop their problem-solving, relationship-building, and leadership skills.

This apprenticeship is open to team leaders, first line managers, and supervisors from all sectors and organisation sizes. It typically takes 16 months to complete, but the exact duration will vary depending on the individual's prior experience.

What am I going to learn?

Level 3 Diploma for Team Leaders/Supervisors

To complete the Highfield Level 3 Diploma for Team Leaders/Supervisors Apprenticeship,

you must complete all of the following units:

1. Team Building and Development

2. Building a High-Performance Team

3. Communication

4. Organisational Culture and Strategy

5. Data Analysis

6. Project Management

​7. Organisation Governance

8. Managing Self

9. Problem Solving

Working at home

How am I going to be assessed?

The Gateway

Once you have completed your apprenticeship training, you will be asked to attend a Gateway meeting. This is a meeting between yourself, the assessor, and your employer to agree that the you have now gained the skills and knowledge to complete the apprenticeship exam/assessment, which is known as the End Point Assessment (EPA). The you will need to have completed your Off The Job Training and if required, passed the Functional Skills Level 2 Maths and Level 2 English.

The gateway meeting is a positive step in the apprenticeship journey. It is a chance for the apprentice to demonstrate their hard work and dedication, and to get closer to completing their apprenticeship successfully.

The Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Exam/End-Point-Assessment

  •  Presentation with questions and answers 

        You will be required to prepare and deliver a presentation on a topic that you have covered within your Apprenticeship.

        The presentation should provide a summary of your role as a team leader and what you do, and how this is relevant to          your role and organization. On the assessment day, 20 minutes will be assigned to the Presentation and 30 minutes to

        the Questions and Answers.

  •  Professional Discussion supported by a portfolio of evidence

        The Professional Discussion will be set up to bring out the best of your skills and knowledge. It will cover the KSBs           

        assigned to this assessment method. It will be a two-way conversation between you and the IEA, encouraging you to

        share your own work and experiences. Duration 60 minutes

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3. How am I going to learn?

Hygiene Sue will create a Google Drive folder for you, containing modules with your coursework and textbooks. The modules will be divided into workbooks and textbooks.


The workbooks will contain activities and exercises that you will need to complete, while the textbooks will provide more in-depth information on the topics covered. At the start of your Apprenticeship, you will be allocated an assessor who will teach and assess you every two weeks, both virtually and on site.

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Off The Job Training

Off-the-job training is learning that takes place outside of an apprentice's day-to-day work duties and is directly relevant to their apprenticeship. The training will be a mix of different activities that will help you develop as an employee. Here are a few examples:

  • Shadowing: Learn from experienced colleagues by following them around and observing their work.

  • In-house training: Take part in employer-provided training programs.

  • Coaching: Get one-on-one guidance from experienced professionals.

  • Self-study: Read books and articles, watch videos, or take online courses.

  • Training in new working practices or new equipment: Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field.

  • Assessments, assignments, and projects: Demonstrate your learning through assessments, assignments, and projects.

  • Practical training: Get hands-on experience in the workplace.

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Functional Skills

Depending on your previous Maths and English qualifications, you will need to complete Level 2 functional skills in both subjects at the beginning of your apprenticeship. Your assessor will explain what is involved in more detail.

Hygiene Sue - Policies and Procedures

Hygiene Sue fully supports the principles of equality and diversity, safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults and the right to a fair assessment .We are committed to satisfying these principles in all our activities and published material. A copy of our policies and procedures are available here

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