Apprenticeship Standards 
Level 2  Hospitality Team Member

A hospitality team member can work in a range of establishments, for example bars, restaurants, cafés, conference centres, banqueting venues, hotels or contract caterers. The role is very varied and although hospitality team members tend to specialise in an area, they have to be adaptable and ready to support team members across the business, for example during busy periods.

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Baking, working in a cafe



Live Stream


Job Role - The standard is suitable for a hospitality team member working within one of the following specialist areas:

  • Food and beverage service

  • Alcoholic beverage service

  • Barista

  • Food production

  • Concierge and guest services

  • House-keeping

  • Reception

  • Reservations

  • Conference and Events Operations

On-programme duration: 

Minimum of 15 months

Gateway Requirements:

Functional Skills Level 1 Maths & English

End-point assessment method:

On-demand test, practical observation,

professional discussion



Fact Sheet:

Level 2 Hospitality Team Member

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L2 Hospitality Team Member 

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