Teacher Training

Whether you are teaching in the lifelong learning sector or in a private training context, your role and responsibilities in relation to teaching will largely be the same.


As a teacher, you will need to identify individual learner’s needs, plan, prepare and deliver your programme to ensure that learners achieve the intended learning outcomes, use a range of strategies to engage all learners, assess outcomes and evaluate the success of your teaching.  How you manage these responsibilities will underpin how effective you are as a teacher.

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Level 3 Delivering Training - Virtual ​

Level 3 Delivering Training

Is a practical qualification suitable for new and experienced trainers (external and internal) who wish to improve their classroom skills and obtain a training qualification which will also enable them to deliver regulated qualifications.

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Level 3 Education and Training (EAT)

This qualification introduces the knowledge and skills required by teachers to develop and deliver programmes, provide learning support and take responsibility in managing the learning process in post-16 education.

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Level 4 Assessor Coach 

The Assessor Coach enables the  the student to use their up-to-date professional knowledge and skills to support vocational and professional development across the formal ETS as well as in any employer setting, and at any level.  

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Hygiene Sue - Policies and Procedures

Hygiene Sue fully supports the principles of equality and diversity, safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults and the right to a fair assessment .We are committed to satisfying these principles in all our activities and published material. A copy of our policies and procedures are available here