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My Month in the United Kingdom

Here I am in England where my company has sent me to give me the chance to improve my English for one month. From the first day, I met very helpful people who are willing to help you and who are very kind to me as a tourist. I already like the country and I feel good there.

First day of work and already I am facing one of the biggest problem’s 


"transport". The bus schedules showed me that the buses were not regular, but I simply waited for a bus that never stopped. How can I explain the big change it has made to me, me who just came from Geneva where there are buses and trams every 5 to 10 minutes?

Once I get to Hygiene Sue, I meet my colleagues and Mrs. Sue. Once again, I find them very kind and welcoming. I discover their ways of working, they are multi-tasking, and very involved in their work.  Of course, not being English-speaking, I had a little apprehension, but they quickly knew how to put me at ease and fill me with confidence, always telling me politely ‘if you do not understand, tell me and I explain again.’ During this month, I did not see any behaviour from the grumpy worker, no, I saw people who communicate, who work with a smile and who always remain very calm.

The English don't really have a work schedule from what I've seen, in Switzerland work schedules in general are 8 hours a day and a maximum of 45 hours a week, you can work more but you must be paid. But here, the employee stays at work until they finish their work even if it's 9pm.

Mrs Sue is very involved in her work; she has taken me to London with her so that I can see how she works and gives her course on "Food Safety". I quickly see that she loves her job, discussing, explaining and exchanging with these students. Her class was very interesting, I learned things I didn't know, for example that red beans contained natural poison (and to say that I've been eating them since I was a child, after this information I would be suspicious of these red heads in the future!)

Despite the fact that people are so helpful, my travels were quite simple. People being helpful certainly helped me when I had to find my way, change trains.  I was able to travel and visit this beautiful country with my host family, friends or alone. I was able to see different cities in the country like London, Brighton, Hastings and many others that I loved to visit.

My month here has been very enriching, I could write you a book with everything I have seen and I have learned so much. Everything is so different, but I liked the difference.  Change is never easy but here it was simple and all thanks to the people I met here, their kindness, their politeness and especially the respect they have for people, it is the qualities they will keep in mind when I think about my trip or when I talk about united Kingdom.

I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me.

Thank you for everything.

your little Swiss tourist,


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