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Apprenticeships - The Facts 

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Our hospitality Apprenticeships cover a large range of positions within the hospitality sector, for example, bar staff, hotel reception, chefs and supervisors 

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Assessor Coach

The apprenticeship is at Level 4 and is for apprentices working in the role of an assessor coach, which involves coaching and assessing vocational learners, usually on a one-to-one basis, in a range of learning environments.

Leadership and Management

Non-sector specific management role, planning and delivering, operational plans, project managing, problem solving, team building and development  

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  Business and Administration

Business and Administration Apprenticeships, will help you gain practical knowledge in providing routine and more complex administrative support  

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          Customer Service

From face to face meetings at your own organisation's workplace to the customers place of business, your core responsibilities will be to provide advice, guidance and support  

Hygiene Sue - Policies

Hygiene Sue fully supports the principles of equality and diversity, safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults and the right to a fair assessment. We are committed to satisfying these principles in all our activities and published material.
Hygiene Sue Policies and Procedures
Book of Hygiene Sue Policies

Hygiene Sue - NUS apprentice extra card

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