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Level 3 Food Safety


“I logged on yesterday and found it fantastic. I really appreciate the course being split into smaller sections, as I was slightly daunted by the poetical thought that I may just be watching a couple of hour long videos. The format is very clear and easy to follow.”


Charles Gabriel

Stormont House School

Little Jungle, School of early Childhood Logo

Hygiene Sue - Virtual Learning


"For a while now we have been looking for a no fuss, “human” training partner to support us with our various health and safety, allergen and food hygiene online training requirements. 

The team at Hygiene Sue are professional, very quick to respond, pragmatic, adaptable and very efficient. Not only that but their platform is no nonsense and straightforward (especially for non IT savvy types). Saying that though, the actual training is excellent, thorough, with actually challenging tests to test the knowledge learnt"


Many thanks, and keep up the great work.

Tarek, Direct of little Jungle – School of Early Childhood

Orange juice factory, Auditing & Inspection Skills 

Level 3 Auditing and Inspection

“I found the virtual learning course easy to use, clear and concise. It was a perfect solution for me as I could complete the training at a time that was convenient to me”


Stephanie Codd

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Level 2 Food Safety – Yachting Industry

"I completed my Level 2 Food Safety for Catering certificate with Sue during the COVID -19 lockdown. The virtual learning videos were easy to follow with concise information taught in a memorable way. 

Sue has put a lot of work and time into creating a study and workbook to do alongside the tutorial videos. I felt I gained as much information as I would have done had we’d be in the same room together. Plus it was super convenient and easy to take the exam at home. Thank you, Sue!! I am looking forward to using my new knowledge on the superyachts this season"



Researching and Writing Level 4 Food Safety

Level 4 Food Safety in Catering

“I was unsure initially about how I would find learning on line. However, you have made it such a positive experience and I would highly recommend it to other potential students. I found it very helpful being able to revisit the sessions, especially when I was struggling to concentrate during the extremely hot weather!"


Christine Puttick
Senior Consultant
Merritt-Harrison Catering Consultancy


Level 3 Food Safety in Catering

“Sue did an excellent job of making the learning material not seem daunting, and was very encouraging throughout.  The material was broken down into easy to manage sections allowing me to complete the course at my own pace.  Sue was always prompt with her responses whenever I had a query"


Stephen Merritt-Harrison 
Merritt-Harrison Catering Consultancy

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